Medium Alice Pack Is A Great Weekend Backpack

Good backpacks are hard to find.  I own several, and only a few of them actually get regular use.  Sometimes old school gear is the best and worth checking into.  So I was pleasantly surprised with a new purchase of a cheaply priced Medium Alice Pack.

I recently did some searching for a ‘good’ field backpack that I could use for weekend excursions into the woods for remote camping.  I didn’t need a big backpack, just something large enough to carry some basic camping supplies.  I have always been a fan of ALICE packs, so when I came upon a medium sized bag that was new on Amazon, and that had some good reviews, I figured why not buy and check it out for myself.

The bag came about a month ago and since then I have loaded it up and carried it around with me a handful of times for day hikes in the woods.  It carries all of my basic camping gear for roughing it under a tarp tent.  I can pack the needed gear, plus about three days of food and water.  We are finally getting some warmer temps in my part of the country, so this weekend I am heading out for a relaxing get-away into the woods.

If you are looking for a medium sized ALICE pack that is new and not used military surplus, these are worth checking out.  So far I am happy with the construction of the bag, and can see it being used for many years to come for my basic hiking/camping needs.  It would make a good bug out bag.


Survival food


It has been a while between posts, but yes, I still keep an eye on things on this web page.  I came across an interesting article on the OUTDOOR LIFE web page regarding survival food, and just how much a single person should have to live comfortably for a year.  I wanted to share the link here with everybody and encourage that it be looked at.  It really helps put some things in perspective when preparing for a RED level event.






Bug Out Bag – Getting Ready


It always makes me happy when a friend or relative of mine gets interesting in prepping.  A few weeks ago I bumped into a friend of mine while out doing some hiking in a local State Park.  We bumped into each other about thirty minutes away from the closest parking lot inside the State Park, so not that far out from civilization by any means.  He saw that I was wearing a messenger bag slung over my shoulder and asked me about it.  I told him I always carried with me when I go into the woods a few basic items.  I then popped open my bag and showed him a small first aid kit, a bottle of water, some snacks, and a few other odds and ends.

My friend agreed it made sense to have something like that along, even when just out doing some local hiking and trail walking in the local parks.  Soon the discussion turned to how I also kept a back pack at home with three days worth of basic supplies and food just in case it was needed for a prolonged emergency.  He asked what kind of emergencies, and I went onto explain how blizzards can knock out power in our part of the country, and how tornadoes can demolish a neighborhood or town, and then I pointed out other large disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and how thousands and thousands of people were displaced  from their homes and how they lost important documents during evacuation.

Well, before too long my friend was assuring me he wanted help putting together a a bug out bag.

So here I am, sitting in my living room with a used ALICE PACK backpack and a large assortment of various gear to help somebody survive for three days on their own with bare minimums.  The picture below shows some of the bare minimum items, including potassium iodine tablets, which I think are a good idea to have on hand depending on where you live.

For more information on bug out bags and what to pack in them, check out some of the other postings on this web page.


Contents to be added to a Bug out Bag.
Contents to be added to a Bug out Bag.


Free Shooting Targets

Very nice web site for downloading free shooting targets.  Once the target file is downloaded you can save the file on a thumb-drive and go to a local printing store and print off off hundreds of copies.  While the targets, and there are a lot of them to choose from, are free to download, if you take the files to a printing store you will have to pay for what you have printed.  However, it is cheap, especially the more you print off.

Here is the link: DEAD LINK – Site Off Line!

I am a fan of their training silhouette targets.  Make sure to check them out.  Great targets for firearms training.  And ever prepper needs to train and be familiar with their firearms.  Make sure you seek out proper instruction before handling any firearm if you are not already trained.

Sample of a free training target from Riverland Targets.

Scout Rifle – A General Purpose Use Weapon


If you could only pick one gun to use for all of your defense and hunting needs, what would that one gun be?  For Jeff Cooper, one of the 20th centuries foremost experts on small arms, that answer would be what he called a ‘scout rifle’.  The scout rifle was a concept he created back in the early 80s around a particular rifle design and caliber “that will do a great many things equally well.”

Jeff Cooper went on to characterize his scout rifle concept as a bolt action rifle, chambered in .30 caliber (7.62mm), that was less than 39.4 inches in length, weighing less than 6.6 pounds empty, fitted with ghost ring axillary iron sights, a forward mounted long eye-relief scope, a ‘ching sling’ shooting aid, and accuracy out to 200 yards of 4 inches or less with 3 shot groups.  Cooper went on to define his goal of a scout rifle as being: “…general-purpose rifle is a conveniently portable, individually operated firearm, capable of striking a single decisive blow, on a live target of up to 200 kilos in weight, at any distance at which the operator can shoot with the precision necessary to place a shot in a vital area of the target.”

Cooper believed in being prepared.  His scout rifle concept is a valid one for preppers everywhere.  If you needed to have one gun that could put food on the table and be used defensively or offensively, then you should take a closer look at Jeff Coopers scout rifle concept.

I recently added a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle to my collection.  While the AR platform seems to be the one that preppers reach for first, I can’t help but question that logic.  When I stop and ask myself if I could only pick one gun, and only one gun that I would have to use for the rest of my life to hunt with, defend with, that was light enough to tote around from point “A” to point “B” in a bug out situation, and of a caliber that could take care of most anything in North America. . . I am pretty sure I would reach for my Scout Rifle.

A Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle without an optic. Jeff Cooper would approve.
A Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle without an optic. Jeff Cooper would approve.


Want to read a great Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle Review?  Click Here!

Contagion Outbreak – How It Spreads


I came across an interesting article today on FOX news.  It explains how a massive outbreak could quickly spread across the country.  It’s worth checking out.  And for more information, go to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) webpage and do some more searching for how to prepare and deal with outbreaks, as well as Yellow Level Events.


From the FOX news post, link further below will take you directly to the article and more information:

During infectious disease outbreaks, personal freedom comes at a price: the welfare of the public as a whole, a new study finds.

In the research, scientists investigated whether, in the event of an outbreak, people should be allowed to move about freely or if authorities should enforce travel restrictions to halt the disease’s spread.

“What we were trying to understand better is how actions, in terms of routing humans, could affect the spread of disease,” said study researcher Ruben Juanes, a geoscientist at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. [The 5 Most Likely Real-Life Contagions]

The findings suggest that highly connected regions of dense commuter traffic carry the gravest consequences of allowing free movement.

The price of anarchy

The researchers borrowed a concept from game theory known as the “price of anarchy,” which they defined as “the loss of welfare due to selfish rerouting compared with the policy-driven coordination.”

Gear Review


It’s that time of year again when I sit and go through all my gear.  I do this to check expiration dates on time sensitive gear and take inventory of what I have.  Because if you have a need for an item in an emergency situation, then you should know if you have it and you should know if it going to perish over time and needs to be replaced.  Some of the things I check are: First Aid supplies (everything), vitamins, survival rations, batteries, etc…etc…

This includes checking bug out bags, vehicle emergency kits, camp gear, long term storage items, and of course any and all food set aside.


Bird Flu Strain – New and Lethal


It is being reported that the new bird flu strain is one of the most lethal encountered so far, and transfers more easily to humans than previous strains.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that so far there is no evidence of transference between people.

However, despite all the potential survival scenarios that are out there, the flu pandemic is the one that is the most likely to happen.   So keep that in mind and research some of the past posts on this site to learn a little more about pandemics.  Prep and prepare.

For more information on the newest bird flu strain check out this link:  NEW BIRD FLU STRAIN




Been a hectic past few months and posts from me have dwindled down to nothing.  The next few months look more of the same.

Anybody who has an original article they want posted here can email it to me at, and if the article fits into this page’s theme it will be posted.  Feel free to provide link-backs if you want perspective traffic to your own site.






Survival Prepping – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late


Check out this news clip from Fox News, as this is what happens  when disaster hits and people are not prepared.  Don’t be the person that has to race out to the stores at the last minute only to find them cleaned out.  Survival prepping is a must.


“Frustration with gas supplies topped the list of issues causing tensions to boil over in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, the states hardest hit by power outages in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Residents jockeyed for fuel at the few stations still pumping, searched store shelves in vain for batteries, struggled with sporadic cell phone service and found themselves unable to buy necessities at supermarkets. Continue reading “Survival Prepping – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late”

Survival Awareness – Hurricane Sandy Coming Ashore


In case you have not been following the news, Hurricane Sandy is finally coming ashore and threatens easily 60 million people on the East Coast.  I hope people affected by this storm took the time to prepare themselves with specific survival items such as water, food, backup power such as generators, first aid supplies, extra clothes, means of cooking food and heating water and a wide variety other survival gear essentials.


The East Coast is bracing Monday for the impact of a powerful Category 1 hurricane as it barrels toward the mid-Atlantic with 95 mph winds and a storm surge that forecasters called “life-threatening.”

Read more: Link removed

Survival Awareness – CDC Reports More than 1,100 Cases Of West Nile Virus


It’s not an influenza pandemic, but the West Nile Virus can be pretty nasty and is something to be aware of.  It is transmitted through mosquitoes and this year there have been a lot more mosquitoes than previous years.  At this time last year there were only 21 cases reported nationwide.  Now there are more than 1,100 and that has the CDC concerned.

While the West Nile Virus is probably not going to cause a major breakdown in society, it can get to proportions that can be disruptive, so it is good to be aware of it. Continue reading “Survival Awareness – CDC Reports More than 1,100 Cases Of West Nile Virus”

Blog Update


Hello to those who follow this blog page and who have written me emails over the past month.

Sorry the lapse in updates and email replies.  I was on vacation for a little while and then the family and I moved to a beautiful new home.  The home office is back up and running, so you can expect to once again start seeing some posts here on this blog page as well as email replies.

Thanks to everybody!



Survival Awareness – News Feeds, 620 Million Without Power


Over 620 million people are without power in India after power grid failures.

Check out this story from FOX NEWS.  And remember, this has happened here in the United States:  North American Power Outage


FROM FOX NEWS:  India’s energy crisis cascaded over half the country Tuesday when three of its regional grids collapsed, leaving 620 million people without government-supplied electricity for hours in, by far, the world’s biggest blackout.

Hundreds of trains stalled across the country and traffic lights went out, causing widespread traffic jams in New Delhi. Electric crematoria stopped operating, some with bodies half burnt, power officials said.

Two hundred workers were stranded in three coal mines in West Bengal when the blackout cut off electricity to elevators in their underground pits, a mining company official told The Times of India.

“We are waiting for the restoration of power to bring them up through the lifts, but there is no threat to their lives or any reason to panic,” Nildari Roy, a senior official at the mines’ operator, Eastern Coalfields Limited, told The Times of India.

The massive failure — a day after a similar, but smaller power failure — has raised serious concerns about India’s outdated infrastructure and the government’s inability to meet its huge appetite for energy as the country aspires to become a regional economic superpower. The power failure affected people across 20 of India’s 28 states — about double the population of the United States.

Now, imagine how you would be affected where you live without any electrical power for just a couple days, then imagine if it lasted a few weeks.  Another reason to prepare, and there are plenty of older posts on this site that can help you get prepared for such an event and other events.  Just takes some time and some effort.
The power grid system in use today in America is old technology and could fail easily.  You cannot compare India to America in this regard, both countries are more equal in this regard than many people would believe.

Survival Prepping – Important Documents


Forest-fires have been big stories in the news the past few months with Colorado in particular being hit hard.  Many people had been forced from their homes as the fires advanced out of control.  Of course the potential threat of forest-fires is yet another reason to prepare.

In most cases when a forest-fire threatens your home you are going to be forced to evacuate your home.  Usually you will have some advanced warning before this happens, however that is not always the case.  Either way, having a good bug out bag is vital.  All of the items in that bug out bag are important of course, but in the instances of floods, tornadoes, forest-fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters, having copies of important documents such as proof of insurance, identification, residence and bank information are equally important.

Below Continue reading “Survival Prepping – Important Documents”

Survival Awareness – News Feed, Pandemic


A new study raises concerns that some bird flu virus strains are only three mutations away from a possible pandemic;  airborne transmissible, human to human.  Not good news.  But all the more reason to prep.

Link to bring you to the story is here:  Fox News.

Every hundred years in human history there are at least three outbreaks of pandemic.  Usually one of those three outbreaks is a major outbreak.  The last major outbreak that occurred that included America was in 1918-1920.  Word wide the 1918 pandemic has been attributed to between 50-130 million deaths.  The exact death toll world-wide is unknown as the pandemic did also involve third world countries, and at the time reporting/monitoring was not the same as it is now.  In America the 1918 pandemic caused just over 650,000 deaths.  What the experts do say is that the 1918 pandemic could have been much worse in today’s day and age with world travel as easy as it is – that pandemic today would have spread to every country in the world within a matter of days with major outbreaks in every city around the globe. Continue reading “Survival Awareness – News Feed, Pandemic”

Survival Prepping – Your Situational Awareness Skills


Just like I use a color coded event level system of green, yellow, and red to depict the severity of a disaster event, I also use a similar color coded system to detail situational awareness.  Situational awareness is being mentally alert enough no matter what your surroundings are to be aware of potential dangerous situations, and avoid hopefully to avoid them.  As well as being a prepper I am also firm believer in personal defense, and in my opinion every prepper should be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.  Having good situational awareness is a must, not only in a survival situation, but in your everyday life when you are out driving to work or walking in the park with your kids.  A fight for survival may not come in the form of a green level event such as an earthquake, tornado or severe weather.  The fight for survival may come from the jerk who wants to beat you up in front of your kids so he can get initiated into a street gang.

Situational awareness is a skill you can train yourself to use, and eventually it will become second nature to you without having to give it much thought.  Most people already have some sort of situational awareness, some don’t have any.  But Continue reading “Survival Prepping – Your Situational Awareness Skills”

Survival Skill – Catch Rain Water

Fresh rain water can be an excellent  drinking resource during an emergency or after a disaster, so long as that disaster wasn’t nuclear or chemical where the air would be polluted with contaminates.  Being able to catch rain water for consumption and growing plant could be a lifesaver.

There are several ways to collect rain water, and the most common one I have seen is to collect it from a gutter downspout into a barrel around the house or tool shed.  I use such a system at my house and it works great.  However, for this blog we will focus on a more portable system for collecting rain water. Continue reading “Survival Skill – Catch Rain Water”