Been a hectic past few months and posts from me have dwindled down to nothing.  The next few months look more of the same.

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Blog Update


Hello to those who follow this blog page and who have written me emails over the past month.

Sorry the lapse in updates and email replies.  I was on vacation for a little while and then the family and I moved to a beautiful new home.  The home office is back up and running, so you can expect to once again start seeing some posts here on this blog page as well as email replies.

Thanks to everybody!



Survival Awareness – Page Update


I’ve gotten several emails from readers of Survival Awareness asking me why there has not been any new posts lately.  It seems people are concerned that I have stopped posting, and many people are eagerly waiting for part three on survival retreats.  I have to say that it feels pretty good to know people have been reading these survival posts and getting something out of them, enough at least to show concern that I have not posted in a several days.  It is also good to know that people take survival planning seriously, as seen in some of the emails I have received.

I have actually been spending some time on getting this blog site optimized, which should help make it easier for people to find the site.  So I have not stopped working on the site, I have just been focused on working on a few things behind the front pages.  In fact I do have a few posts that I have started as drafts that are saved and will likely be posted this coming week.

So stay tuned in!  You will be seeing new posts soon survival retreat planning, more survival planning drills you can use to test your level of preparedness, a couple new emails I am planning on posting at some point from readers, and some survival gear focused posts.  I also have some interesting insights into survival food planning that I want to share with everybody.