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Prepping Lists

Survival Prepping – Important Documents

  Forest-fires have been big stories in the news the past few months with Colorado in particular being hit hard.  Many people had been forced from their homes as the fires advanced out of control.  Of course the potential threat of forest-fires is yet another reason to prepare. In most cases when a forest-fire threatens … Continue reading »

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Survival Prepping Lists – Survival Food Planning

  Had an interesting conversation with a nice couple I met while browsing the camping gear section at a Mills Fleet Farm store…for those of you that live in the mid-west you are probably familiar with Mills Fleet Farm, commonly called the “man’s mall”.  Anyway, the conversation was about selecting quality foods for camping that … Continue reading »

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Survival Skills – Suggested Skills To Learn

  Learning to survive a disaster involves more than just stocking up on extra supplies.  It requires detailed thinking and focused planning.  It also is going to cost you money, and it can use up a lot of your time and take up extra storage space.  Just from those previous statements survival planning sounds like … Continue reading »

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Survival Retreat Planning – Part Three

  In part one I wrote about why it is a good idea to have a survival retreat, especially for those living near or around cities.  Part two was about things to take into consideration when looking for a retreat location.  Part three is going to be about stocking up your survival retreat for yellow … Continue reading »

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Firearms And Your Disaster Planning – Part Two: Handguns

  In part one the topic was about including rifles in your disaster planning. Part two is going to be about handguns. Unfortunately I have had limited experience with revolvers in regards to personal defense and advanced training, so this blog will focus on semi-automatic handguns, primarily on the three most widely used calibers; 9mm, .40S&W, … Continue reading »

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Preparing For A Green Level Disaster Event – Part Two

  In Part One of this two part blog the things discussed for preparing to survive a green level disaster situation was water, food, and shelter.  In part two the topics will be geared towards first-aid kits and miscellaneous items that can be part of your survival gear. First Aid Kits Preparing for any survival … Continue reading »

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Survival Prepping List – Setting Up Your Bug Out Bag

My Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a basically a three day emergency kit on steroids.  I keep my three day emergency kit in my vehicle at all times, but my BOB I keep in the house in a location that is easy to just grab it and go.  A good BOB should carry many of … Continue reading »

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