Free Shooting Targets

Very nice web site for downloading free shooting targets.  Once the target file is downloaded you can save the file on a thumb-drive and go to a local printing store and print off off hundreds of copies.  While the targets, and there are a lot of them to choose from, are free to download, if you take the files to a printing store you will have to pay for what you have printed.  However, it is cheap, especially the more you print off.

Here is the link: DEAD LINK – Site Off Line!

I am a fan of their training silhouette targets.  Make sure to check them out.  Great targets for firearms training.  And ever prepper needs to train and be familiar with their firearms.  Make sure you seek out proper instruction before handling any firearm if you are not already trained.

Sample of a free training target from Riverland Targets.

Survival Prepping – Your Situational Awareness Skills


Just like I use a color coded event level system of green, yellow, and red to depict the severity of a disaster event, I also use a similar color coded system to detail situational awareness.  Situational awareness is being mentally alert enough no matter what your surroundings are to be aware of potential dangerous situations, and avoid hopefully to avoid them.  As well as being a prepper I am also firm believer in personal defense, and in my opinion every prepper should be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.  Having good situational awareness is a must, not only in a survival situation, but in your everyday life when you are out driving to work or walking in the park with your kids.  A fight for survival may not come in the form of a green level event such as an earthquake, tornado or severe weather.  The fight for survival may come from the jerk who wants to beat you up in front of your kids so he can get initiated into a street gang.

Situational awareness is a skill you can train yourself to use, and eventually it will become second nature to you without having to give it much thought.  Most people already have some sort of situational awareness, some don’t have any.  But Continue reading “Survival Prepping – Your Situational Awareness Skills”

Survival Skill – Catch Rain Water

Fresh rain water can be an excellent  drinking resource during an emergency or after a disaster, so long as that disaster wasn’t nuclear or chemical where the air would be polluted with contaminates.  Being able to catch rain water for consumption and growing plant could be a lifesaver.

There are several ways to collect rain water, and the most common one I have seen is to collect it from a gutter downspout into a barrel around the house or tool shed.  I use such a system at my house and it works great.  However, for this blog we will focus on a more portable system for collecting rain water. Continue reading “Survival Skill – Catch Rain Water”

Surival and Disaster Planning – Don’t Forget Sanitation When The Grid Goes Down

Sanitation is going to be an issue in a green, yellow or red event.  Of course the longer a disaster event the more serious and better prepared you should plan being in regards to sanitation.  Why is sanitation so important?  Because people right now are used to being able to turn the knob at the kitchen sink or in the bathroom and get plenty of water to wash dishes and take showers.  People are used to being able to do their laundry either at home or at a local dry-cleaners.  Right now you collect your garbage a few times a week and put it out near the curb so the garbage man can pick it up and haul it away.  Right now when you flush the toilet your waste gets pumped away and you don’t have to give it another thought after the fact.

So if you don’t know how to keep proper sanitation when major disaster strikes, especially during a yellow or red event, the chances of you getting sick and dying increase tenfold.  Disease/sickness will run rampant if you do not know how Continue reading “Surival and Disaster Planning – Don’t Forget Sanitation When The Grid Goes Down”

Survival Skills – Suggested Skills To Learn


Learning to survive a disaster involves more than just stocking up on extra supplies.  It requires detailed thinking and focused planning.  It also is going to cost you money, and it can use up a lot of your time and take up extra storage space.  Just from those previous statements survival planning sounds like a pain and a hassle to get started, but it can also be a lot of fun and you can learn some new skills.

Below is a list of suggested skills that Continue reading “Survival Skills – Suggested Skills To Learn”