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Previously I had the comment option of this blog turned OFF because there was lots of spammers leaving junk posts.  I have recently turned comments back on, but before any comments get posted they need to be approved by myself or a moderator.  You will need to enter an email address prior to leaving your comment, but the email address will not be posted with the comment, it will only be viewable by the administrator to this site…me.

Otherwise, please feel free to email me at biffbrannon at with any thoughts, concerns, tips, or stories of surviving through a difficult time.   I will from time to time post letters from readers that are topical and if I think the readers of Survival Awareness will benefit from them.  However, I will only post a letter writer’s name and location if you specifically tell me it is okay to do so (ie; John, Greenbay WI).   Anyone sending an email or article grants the right for posting, reproduction, or any other use.   All writings must be original works and the copyright will become the property of this website.

I reserve the right to reject or edit letters for foul language, racism,  etc…etc…

If you send me an email with some great survival tips and stories but don’t see your letter posted on the blog, please do not get offended.  I may be holding your letter for a latter time, or I may just not ever post it.  Again, I reserve the right to post or not to post.

With that said, I do sincerely look forward to hearing from the readers who follow this page.