Survival Planning – ‘Event’ Color Code System


An event is what most preppers term as the reason we may find ourselves in a survival situation such as a pandemic, hurricane, ice storm, etc…

An “event” is also used in conjunction with a color code system used to define the length of time a survival situation may last.

Green Event – lasting up to 10 days.  Typically this kind of event can be handled by hunkering down inside your home.  Such as riding out flooding from a hurricane, or waiting for the power company to restore electric power after an ice storm that brought down the power lines.   This is the most common event duration to be prepared for, and how you go about preparing for such an event can Continue reading “Survival Planning – ‘Event’ Color Code System”

Things Can Go Wrong – Why You Need To Think About Survival Preparedness


We are all lucky to live in this great country that is The United States of America.  For the most part all of us go through our daily lives with an understanding of our place in life and have certain expectations of modern living.  Modern living is of course having still the best healthcare in the world, flat screen TVs in two out of three rooms in the house, indoor plumbing, fast telecommunications, well stocked grocery stores, and of course law & order.

However, the fact of the matter is that the thing we call modern society that allows us to live so well, is maintained by a very thin thread that holds everything together.  The system that supports our way of living can come crashing down faster than most people would Continue reading “Things Can Go Wrong – Why You Need To Think About Survival Preparedness”

Some Basic Terminology


Below are some basic terms I have come across other preppers using.  Some of these words and others may appear from time to time in some of the blogs.  On occasion I will go back and update this blog with additional terms.


Big One – see TEOTWAWKI.  The “big one”.

BOB – Bug Out Bag.  Used to store a supply of readily available supplies that you can grab at a moments notice if you need to leave your home in a hurry, as in right now!

Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) – A government agency under the Department of Health and Human Services.  It works to protect the public health by providing information to enhance health decisions, and it promotes health through partnerships with state health departments and other organizations.  They have now even turned to the zombie apocalypse as a ways of enticing people to be more prepared for emergencies.

Channelized Areas – In the case of an event where an entire city was to be evacuated, channelized areas are the most likely routes people would take; major roadways, railways, riverways, etc…

Dirty Bomb – A radiological weapon that utilizes conventional explosives for the purpose of exposing the immediate area to radioactive particles.

EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse.  Capable of knocking out electronic equipment permanently. Continue reading “Some Basic Terminology”