Firearms And Your Disaster Planning – Part One: Rifles


First and foremost let me say that firearms require special training in order to handle them safely.  If you have never owned or handled a firearm before and are thinking about including them in your disaster planning, then you seriously need to seek out and find certified introduction training.  If you currently own firearms and have not had any training, then you too should seek out certified introduction training.  Check with any local gun ranges or gun shops, most of them should either offer or be able to tell you who in your area offers such skill training.  Many gun ranges offer NRA (National Rifle Association) certified introduction courses for free with the hopes that you will end up joining the gun club and becoming a regular shooter.

As an avid hunter and self-defense enthusiast, I have grown up around guns and have had very specific training on the operation and use of the various action types of rifles, shotguns and handguns.  To this day I still seek out training.  For your sake and for your family’s, get training, practice safe storage in the home, and practice your shooting skills.

With that said, firearms can be just as important as water and food in your disaster preparedness planning.  A gun is a tool, much like your survival knife or ax.  It allows you to hunt for food and defend yourself and loved ones.  And in some worse case scenarios where society has completely collapsed and looters run rampant, a firearm may be what allows you to keep your much needed survival possessions. Continue reading “Firearms And Your Disaster Planning – Part One: Rifles”