Gear Review


It’s that time of year again when I sit and go through all my gear.  I do this to check expiration dates on time sensitive gear and take inventory of what I have.  Because if you have a need for an item in an emergency situation, then you should know if you have it and you should know if it going to perish over time and needs to be replaced.  Some of the things I check are: First Aid supplies (everything), vitamins, survival rations, batteries, etc…etc…

This includes checking bug out bags, vehicle emergency kits, camp gear, long term storage items, and of course any and all food set aside.


Traveling To Your Retreat Location – Easy Experiment #2


Here is another little experiment that you can perform if you have a retreat location that you plan on bugging out to when things get bad enough that you need to leave your home.  I actually performed this experiment myself for the fifth time this past Friday evening.  Here is what I did…

I got home from work this past Friday ahead of the wife.  I called her on her cell phone and told her that as soon as she walked in the door we were going to practice a “light carry bug out” run to the retreat.  I sat patiently and waited to hear her open the garage door and pull her car in.  I didn’t have to wait long. Continue reading “Traveling To Your Retreat Location – Easy Experiment #2”

Survival Skill Preparedness – Get Out Of Dodge; Loading Your Vehicle


Here is another Survival Skill Preparedness Drill that you can do to see just how ready you are for a disaster situation.  This drill can be used to simulate any event that would require you to load up your vehicle with as much of your survival gear and leave your home and head to a predetermined retreat location.  This drill is something that can be performed any evening or weekend, and does not require to actually leave your home, just quickly and efficiently load your vehicle so you can evacuate your home.

Sometimes in the face of certain types of disaster you will want to pack up as much of your survival gear as you can and leave as fast as you can.  For whatever reason you decide it is not safe to stay in your  home.  It could be because of a toxic spill that took place near your home, or a hurricane is coming, or a terrorist detonates a nuclear bomb, or society crumbles and there is no law and order making the larger cities and towns unsafe, or any number of hundreds of possibilities.  The point is you need to get out of dodge, and fast. Continue reading “Survival Skill Preparedness – Get Out Of Dodge; Loading Your Vehicle”

Survival Preparedness – Flushing The Toilet During A Power Outage


You’ve found yourself in a disaster situation and have hunkered down in your home to ride out the event.  You have your survival food stores well stocked, plenty of drinking water for a dozen days, camp stoves and fuel, proper clothing, and a variety of other odds and ends you have included in your survival gear.

But what do you do with the human waste that is going to be generated when you drink and eat all that food?  Use the toilet?  Sure, that is possible as long as you have still electricity to run the well pump, or as long as the municipal water services do not fail. Continue reading “Survival Preparedness – Flushing The Toilet During A Power Outage”

How Prepared Are You For A Sudden Disaster? An Easy Experiment #1


This is a fun experiment you can perform whether you are a single person living alone or a member of a larger family.  It will give you an idea just how well prepared you are for a disaster, and certainly give you some ideas of things you could do to make yourself better Continue reading “How Prepared Are You For A Sudden Disaster? An Easy Experiment #1”