Survival Awareness – CDC Reports More than 1,100 Cases Of West Nile Virus


It’s not an influenza pandemic, but the West Nile Virus can be pretty nasty and is something to be aware of.  It is transmitted through mosquitoes and this year there have been a lot more mosquitoes than previous years.  At this time last year there were only 21 cases reported nationwide.  Now there are more than 1,100 and that has the CDC concerned.

While the West Nile Virus is probably not going to cause a major breakdown in society, it can get to proportions that can be disruptive, so it is good to be aware of it. Continue reading “Survival Awareness – CDC Reports More than 1,100 Cases Of West Nile Virus”

Town in Illinois evacuated – Good Example of a Green Event

On Friday morning of October 7th a train carrying ethanol and other chemicals derailed just outside the town of Tiskilwa in Illinois causing authorities to evacuate the town of 800 people.

This is a perfect example of a green event disaster that causes people to have to leave there homes.  Having organized supplies of food, water, and a good bug out bag makes it easy to load up the car and get out of town until the authorities deal with the crisis.  People in the town not having a place to go have been given shelter inside the gym of a highschool in a town down the road.

This is why you should plan disaster survival.  You never know when an emergency situation like this can occur.


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