Snow Storm Disaster – How Clear Thinking And Survival Preparedness Can Help


I received an email from a reader of this blog and thought he had a good story to tell.  His name is “Mike”  and he was prepared to handle a snow storm that knocked out power while at a remote cabin in norther Wisconsin.  Mike’s story is posted below for everybody to read.  Anybody who thinks they have a good story or wants to contribute to the blog, please read the link at the top of the page “Contact & Post” for information on your emails and comments.  Thanks!  Biff-

Mike writes:  Have to say that your site so far has had some interesting reading.  I look forward to seeing it grow more.  I have learned a few things already, in fact I have a survival story I thought I would tell you about.  You mentioned in one of your blog post about creating a shelter inside a room to conserve heat.  Well I did just that last winter and it worked pretty good.  You also mentioned Continue reading “Snow Storm Disaster – How Clear Thinking And Survival Preparedness Can Help”

Preparing For A Green Level Disaster Event – PART ONE


Of the three different lengths of disaster events, the green event lasting up to ten days is the easiest to prepare for.  Usually a green event can be met by hunkering down in your home.  However, this is not always the case, as some disaster situations may dictate that leaving your home is the safest thing to do.  Always think about your safety, and do what is right for you and your family in any disaster situation. In part one of this two part blog the topics of discussion will be survival water, survival food, and your shelter.


You should plan on having a minimum of 1 liter of drinking water per person per day, and another liter of water per person per day for cleaning/washing/sanitation.  A person can easily die in 3-5 days without water depending on the environment.  And just because you are hunkering down in your home do not expect Continue reading “Preparing For A Green Level Disaster Event – PART ONE”

Survival Gear – Basic Three Day Emergency Survival Kit


The first thing to consider when putting together a survival kit is where you live and what types of natural survival events are you likely to face.  Somebody living where ice storms are common may have different needs than somebody who lives in the southwestern deserts.  But there are always a few things that are a must for consideration, and they are water, food, clothing, shelter and first aid.  This blog will only be covering the basic fundamentals of what you will need.  However, just by having an emergency survival kit will place you in Continue reading “Survival Gear – Basic Three Day Emergency Survival Kit”