Survival Prepping List – Setting Up Your Bug Out Bag

My Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a basically a three day emergency kit on steroids.  I keep my three day emergency kit in my vehicle at all times, but my BOB I keep in the house in a location that is easy to just grab it and go.  A good BOB should carry many of the same emergency necessities as your three day emergency kit, with lots of extras for surviving life out on the open terrain.

At the onset of any event you should be ready to flee your home at a moments notice.  Some events can be dealt with by hunkering down in your home, but some you can’t, so you need to be prepared to move and move fast.  You never know what could happen that may give you reason to abandon your home, but you need to be as best prepared as possible for such an occasion.  A bug out bag is typically a large backpack to help insure your short-term survival away from home until you can find a safe location to hold up, or until you are able to travel to a pre-determined safe location (a retreat site).

It is highly recommended that each member of your household have their own BOB that can meet their individual needs.  Women, for instance, have requirements that men do not.  So be sure to plan accordingly for each person in your family.

Every person in your household should carry the necessary individual survival basics to meet their own needs, and then if there is leftover space and weight allowed in the pack they can carry extras.  You never know when a pack might be stolen, lost, or who knows what else during a bug out situation.  If dad is carrying all of the group’s food or water and gets his pack stolen or robbed, the whole group suffers.  But if dad’s bag gets lost or stolen and he is carrying his own supplies, then at least the rest of the family will have enough supplies to keep the family survival unit functioning by sharing and rationing.

Bug out bags can vary in size and style: frame in, frame out, no frame, camelback options, etc…  Just be sure to pick one that is sturdy and able to take some rough use.  Do some careful research on many of the various packs that can be found.  And don’t forget to keep your immediate surroundings in mind when selecting a pack and what you need to carry.

Also, be prepared to fight to keep your BOB.  In a truly bad disaster with thousands of people displaced from their homes and probably desperate, and you walking around with a backpack full of gear…People are going to try and become your new best friend or they are going to try to rob you outright.

BOB List – the below list is provided to get you thinking about some of the items you may want to include in your BOB.  Remember that while you are putting together your BOB you should test it for weight and ease of carry periodically.  Don’t go too extreme with items and bog yourself down with too much weight.  Remember you may need to be mobile and on foot.

3 days of lightweight food

  1. MRE (3/day)
  2. Emergency food bars (3/day)
  3. Energy bars (6/day)
  4. Water bottles (4 – 1 litter)

Water Purification

  1. iodine tablets (1 bottle)
  2. water filter

Food Prep Equipment

  1. stainless mess kit
  2. utensil

Water and Food Storage

  1. camelback
  2. clear hard plastic water bottle

Shelter and Sleeping

  1. one man compact hiker tent
  2. emergency blankets (3)
  3. army style poncho
  4. army poncho liner
  5. sleeping pad/bed roll
  6. 20 small nails
  7. 100′ para cord
  8. garbage bags (2)


  1. Underwear (2)
  2. socks, wool (2)
  3. Socks, hiking (2)
  4. t-shirt (2 cotton)
  5. t-shirt (2 synthetic)
  6. long sleeve shirt (2)
  7. fleece/wool sweater
  8. water resistant jacket
  9. shorts
  10. pants
  11. thermal underwear (1 set)
  12. beanie
  13. hat/cap
  14. hiking boots
  15. bandana (3)


  1. multi-tool
  2. folding knife
  3. fixed blade knife, survival
  4. sharpening stone
  5. leather gloves (2 pair)
  6. compass
  7. GPS
  8. LED flashlight
  9. crank flashlight
  10. solar/crank multi-band radio
  11. whistle
  12. matches, waterproof/strike anywhere (50)
  13. disposable lighter (3)
  14. magnesium fire block
  15. binoculars
  16. entrenching tool
  17. fishing line (50′)
  18. fishing hooks (3-6)
  19. fishing line sinkers (3-6)
  20. duct tape
  21. super glue
  22. sunglasses
  23. waterproof watch
  24. candles long lasting
  25. manual can opener (3)
  26. nuwick candle or other survival candle

First Aid & Medical

  1. first aid kit
  2. N95 mask (4)
  3. exam gloves (4)
  4. ace bandage
  5. gauze
  6. spare contacts, glasses
  7. prescription medications
  8. lip balm
  9. sunscreen
  10. warmers, hand/feet (6)
  11. ibuprofen (small bottle)
  12. Tylenol (small bottle)
  13. Benadryl (small bottle)
  14. EpiPen, for allergies if needed

Personal Hygiene

  1. comb/brush
  2. toothbrush
  3. toothpaste, powdered
  4. floss
  5. nail clippers
  6. soap (solid bar)
  7. washcloth
  8. hand towel
  9. antibacterial wash
  10. disposable razor
  11. shaving cream, travel size
  12. toilet paper
  13. feminine products
  14. foot powder
  15. deodorant


  1. signal mirror
  2. carabineer, climbing (2)
  3. carabineer, non climbing (3)
  4. deck of playing cards
  5. roll of quarters
  6. cash (small bills, $20-$100)
  7. passport/ID
  8. maps (street, county, state, topography)
  9. paper
  10. pen/pencil (2)
  11. 2 way radio (1 set)
  12. spare batteries (for all your electronic equipment that uses them)
  13. portable solar panel charging system

Copies of Important Papers

  1. insurance papers
  2. birth certificate
  3. passport
  4. state/local ID
  5. house/land deeds
  6. USB device (loaded with scanned documents of important papers)


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