Contagion Outbreak – How It Spreads


I came across an interesting article today on FOX news.  It explains how a massive outbreak could quickly spread across the country.  It’s worth checking out.  And for more information, go to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) webpage and do some more searching for how to prepare and deal with outbreaks, as well as Yellow Level Events.


From the FOX news post, link further below will take you directly to the article and more information:

During infectious disease outbreaks, personal freedom comes at a price: the welfare of the public as a whole, a new study finds.

In the research, scientists investigated whether, in the event of an outbreak, people should be allowed to move about freely or if authorities should enforce travel restrictions to halt the disease’s spread.

“What we were trying to understand better is how actions, in terms of routing humans, could affect the spread of disease,” said study researcher Ruben Juanes, a geoscientist at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. [The 5 Most Likely Real-Life Contagions]

The findings suggest that highly connected regions of dense commuter traffic carry the gravest consequences of allowing free movement.

The price of anarchy

The researchers borrowed a concept from game theory known as the “price of anarchy,” which they defined as “the loss of welfare due to selfish rerouting compared with the policy-driven coordination.”