Medium Alice Pack Is A Great Weekend Backpack

Good backpacks are hard to find.  I own several, and only a few of them actually get regular use.  Sometimes old school gear is the best and worth checking into.  So I was pleasantly surprised with a new purchase of a cheaply priced Medium Alice Pack.

I recently did some searching for a ‘good’ field backpack that I could use for weekend excursions into the woods for remote camping.  I didn’t need a big backpack, just something large enough to carry some basic camping supplies.  I have always been a fan of ALICE packs, so when I came upon a medium sized bag that was new on Amazon, and that had some good reviews, I figured why not buy and check it out for myself.

The bag came about a month ago and since then I have loaded it up and carried it around with me a handful of times for day hikes in the woods.  It carries all of my basic camping gear for roughing it under a tarp tent.  I can pack the needed gear, plus about three days of food and water.  We are finally getting some warmer temps in my part of the country, so this weekend I am heading out for a relaxing get-away into the woods.

If you are looking for a medium sized ALICE pack that is new and not used military surplus, these are worth checking out.  So far I am happy with the construction of the bag, and can see it being used for many years to come for my basic hiking/camping needs.  It would make a good bug out bag.